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Learn your wedding dance in a Galleria-area dance studio with an exclusively private dance floor. The Dance Whisperer offers wedding dance lessons tailored to your individual needs, pace and personality with an affordable special that includes choreography with your dance instruction, which is customized to your special song. Your wedding dance can be relaxed and natural in appearance or a show-stopping performance. Whether you choose simple, elegant, or fun-themed, you can rest assured that your wedding dance will entertain friends and family on your special day and be a happy memory for years to come.

Wedding Dance Lessons Houston

★★★★★ Dancing With the Stars Worthy! "My husband and I decided to look into dance lessons so we wouldn't be awkwardly standing there for 4 minutes of a first dance. I found The Dance Whisperer (Rebecca) via google and noticed all of her positive reviews. We had so much fun taking lessons with The Dance Whisperer! She offers class packages, so we made it a pre-wedding ritual to go to dance class the weeks leading up to the wedding. She's very conscientious, patient, and so easy to work with! Our first dance turned out wonderfully, but I value the time I got to spend with my then-fiancé at those wedding dance lessons even more!" ~Sarah Pioquinto, Houston, Texas, The Knot review

Wedding Dance Classes Houston

Houston Wedding Dance Lessons

How much do wedding dance lessons cost? Not as much as you might think! The Introductory Special is $340. There are four rate options from which to choose if you want more or less than the five private wedding dance lessons offered in the special. The more wedding dance lessons you buy (prepaid), the lower the rate is per lesson.
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Wedding Dance Classes Houston

Dance Lessons Houston Wedding

How many wedding dance lessons? Learning to dance fluently in one or two lessons is a bit ambitious; but, learning a few basic dance steps that can be repeated throughout the dance, how to connect, lead or follow in closed and open dance positions, and a fun dip and kiss at the end is not unreasonable. Entrance and exit strategies can also be learned in a few dance lessons and 5 lessons are adequate for all of this, but customized wedding dance choreography that utilizes the song's dance style and interprets it artistically might require more than five lessons. Mashups (combining two or more songs) more often than not may require more than five wedding dance lessons as well.

Houston Wedding Dance Classes

When should we start our wedding dance lessons? Anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks before your wedding day is ideal if you are going to take the Introductory Special. If this is not the case for you, please indicate in the contact form what your wedding song is and that you want either less or more than 5 wedding dance lessons:

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Dance Lessons Houston Wedding

Wedding Dance Classes Houston

Customized Wedding Dance Choreography: Keep in mind that all dancing is choreographed. Learning just a dance step or two and repeating those same steps throughout your routine is still choreography. Couples will sometimes say that they don't want a choreographed wedding dance; that they don't want their wedding dance to look rehearsed or unnatural. Or couples will say that they do want their first dance choreographed. The issue is not whether or not a dance is choreographed, but rather the degree to which the choreography interprets the music. The highest degree or the art of dance choreography occurs when a choreographer allows the original inspiration of the composer's song or music to inform the choreography. Rest assured your first dance will be choreographed to your natural ability and will flow in sync with the time signature, tempo pattern, and phrasing of the song of your choosing.

Houston Dance Lessons Wedding

★★★★★ "With less than two months until the wedding, Rebecca choreographed and customized an amazing foxtrot for us. Rebecca's infectious energy coupled with her patience for students make her a great dance teacher. We not only had an amazing wedding dance, but we had a great time learning all of the dance moves during the weeks leading up to the big day. Thanks so much, Rebecca!" ~Boavy and Vu, Houston, Texas

Wedding Dance Lessons in Houston

Houston Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Shoes: Ladies, it would be suggested that you purchase a pair of wedding dance shoes which have the proper support, secure fit, and suede sole. It is recommended that you have the length of your dress altered to accommodate the shoes you will be wearing for your wedding dance. More often than not, the bride's wedding dress is long and her shoes cannot be seen underneath her dress. Accordingly, an appropriate pair of dance shoes can be worn during the first dance and the guests will be none the wiser. For those of you who haven't purchased your wedding shoes yet, it might be worth investigating dance shoes. There are now dance shoes designed specifically for a wedding first dance that rival any designer street shoes currently on the market. Best of all, if you purchase dance shoes as your wedding shoes, they can be worn again for dance lessons with your new husband for date night.

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